Describe how the other training courses the company offers can be customized.

Locate a company (by looking online) that provides corporate team building training. This could be a “ropes” course or many other activities used for team building. Make sure the company’s website is listed in the references. Tasks Choose a specific training program that this company offers. Next, answer the following questions.Explain in detail why or […]

What is a pro forma financial statement and what types of information does it provide the user?

Investors use the financial statements in many ways. One of the most important uses of these statements is to evaluate past performance and project future performance. Address one of the following prompts in a brief but thorough manner. What are the major financial statements and what types of information does each provide the user? Who […]

What were the ancient audience’s interests and biases?

To do this assignment, first read Euripides’ Medea. You must refer to the page numbers in the Corrigan edition, which is available as a PDF on iLearn. The Classical Athenians invented tragedy at the same time as they invented democracy. Just a coincidence? I think not. Democracy happens when two people representing different sides of […]

Describe one way in which California Indians have been written out of California history.

Describe one way in which California Indians have been written out of California history. Estes states, “The aftermath of the war to maintain slavery, which cost half a million lives was profoundly different from the aftermath of the Dakota uprising—and rarely are the two stories told side by side” (Estes, 102). Describe one example that […]

Do you agree with the tenets of affirmative action?

Introduction Opponents of affirmative action cite several reasons for opposing it. Affirmative action, they say, is reverse discrimination and, as such, is both illegal and immoral. The people benefiting from affirmative action are less qualified than many of the whites with whom they compete for employment and college admissions. In addition, opponents say, affirmative action […]

What new information did you learn about puerto rico or puerto ricans?

Read the articles and for each What was interesting about the reading? What new information did you learn about Puerto Rico or Puerto Ricans? Was anything surprising? Describe. Can you relate the information that was presented to something in your life? What does it remind you of?

What influences your belief system

Look around your life. What influences your belief system? How are citizens indoctrinated into becoming participants of the United States? And all attached

What phenomenon have you decided to study? Why do you care? Why should anyone else care?

Have your say about interplay among gender, media, and diversity as these play out locally, regionally, or globally. Apply theory and/or a critical lens to what you’re learning about gender, media, and diversity. Actively critique what concerns you, worries you, or simply makes you think deeply. Perhaps something in the readings or class discussion has […]

What did the mexican community do to address all these issues?

question one: Chapter 4 and 5, were on the history of African Americans from slavery to WWII. The chapters covered bonded servants , slavery, freedom based on 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and the progress made during the Reconstruction period. The response from southern White slavery states, was to apply Jim […]

Explain and support your current understanding of the origin of the universe, evolution, and the age of the earth, and whether or not your view can be reconciled with the message of the Bible and science.

n this assignment, you will summarize beliefs about the origin of the universe and life, including what Christians believe, what you believe, and how people’s beliefs about origins might impact how they live. After reflecting on chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis, in a total of 750-1050-words, complete the “Origins” document to do the following: […]

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