What is the value of eliminating uncertainty and harvesting now?

Read the Freemark Abbey Winery Case (attached) and then, as a group, perform the following tasks and answer the questions below. Recall from the case that the winemaker has a decision to make: Harvest now for a 100% certain outcome or wait and hope for botrytis. If he waits, then there’s a variety of outcomes […]

Do not copy paste content from website directly.

You can think of taking data based on different demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, income, education, states, etc. Not necessary you should consider all variables. Make sure you present the data in tables and apply calculations like mean, variance, testing, charts, percentages, proportions, comparisons etc. Pleasant your own graphs and conclusion of your study based […]

Discuss how and why the mean(s), standard deviation(s), median(s), and potentially the shape(s) of the distributions have changed.

along with the following instructions, please follow the instructions in the video. Assignment Information: Outliers: Continue the assignment on the same template that was started in Submissions 2 and 4. When completing this part and all following parts, keep the order of the intended populations the same. Complete the following… Outlier Calculation: Use the mean […]

Write a report about your experience working to preparation of report and presentation

Kindly refer to the attached word doc as the draft of the writing, please edit, rephrase the whole essays based on below. Self-reflection Report (1000 words) Write a report about your experience working to preparation of report and presentation. The content of the report should include the new knowledge gained from engaging into this assignment. […]

What is the expected value of the random variable X ?

Using your google survey results, Turn in a PDF copy or picture of your google survey results (50 points). For all problems show your work (data and calculator function or excel formula or google formula used) to solve each problem to get full credit. Fail to show your work will reduce your score by 50%. […]

What is the probability that a TV will work less than 3,350 hours?

Advance Statistics – Final Assignment – Answer all questions and submit your final report in word file. – Ensure that all steps are documented in an appropriate order, including output obtained from calculation performed using Minitab. Question 1 (20 marks) A salary survey was conducted to explore the monthly salary of a sample of employees […]

What is the p-value for your ANOVA model?

Your police agency is interested in understanding whether there is a difference in education level among police officers in different specializations, such as Narcotics Investigations, Traffic Enforcement, and SWAT. This type of information can help determine whether particular educational backgrounds are more likely to end up in particular units, which could be helpful for recruiting […]

What information about the dataset do the researchers include?

Find and read a quantitative peer-reviewed journal article that relates to the affect that education has on income, in which the researchers use existing data (a dataset versus collecting their own data). What information about the dataset do the researchers include? How do they describe their research methods? Which variables do they analyze and why? […]

What is your ultimate recommendation as an analyst?

Fall 2022 Prof. Cherveny MA 611: Problem Set 3 Due: Friday, November 11th 11:59pm Submit homework by uploading a zipped folder to Blackboard with your .Rmd and .html files. There is nothing else to turn in! Introduction The file website visits.csv contains the daily number of unique visitors to a popular statistics help website for […]

What is the relevance of this value?

Students, you are to complete the following exercises [i.e., numbers 1 and 2 which are located on page 122 -123 of Walker and Madden (2020)]. This Assignment is worth up to 100 points. You are to upload the question and answers as a Word attachment/document. a. To discuss the number of modes b. To determine […]

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