What is structural functionalism

Instructions include write a term paper 5 pages on the following topics. The paper should be typed, double spaced and include at least 2 footnotes. 1. What is structural functionalism? Who originated it? Give concrete examples of its application 2. Why do structural functionalists concentrate on the consequences of social action rather than its causation? […]

Explaining how the reserve system causes hate.

This paper should be in a case study format. It should start with explaining reader the diversity in communities of India. Afterward, It Should explain how there have been disputes between communities these decades. Then it should start giving reasons/policies of the government that have a direct connection to this dispute’s trends. communities including Hindus-Muslims-Christianity; […]

What steps need to be taken in order to fix, improve, or further push the campaign?

Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs • Concisely present what the reader is going to find in your paper: briefly describe the campaign you are discussing and its relevance. Inform what framework (i.e., “toolkit”, the socio-spatial approach) you are relying on to develop your analysis. Tip: you can consider arguments shared in your proposal regarding what motivated you […]

Discuss how inequalities and inequities persist in education.

discuss how inequalities and inequities persist in education. You can focus on race, class, gender, or any other social factor. You can also focus on just one social factor or combine any of them and discuss how they relate to one another. In the second part of the paper, discuss solutions to those issues. How […]

How do these elements of social structures work (together or separately) to shape and constrain activity?

A social structure is a largely invisible system that broadly shapes and constrains human activity in noticeable and predictable ways. The five elements of social structures are: statuses, groups, roles, networks, and institutions. Analyze Bellevue College as a social structure, primarily as an institution that shapes human activity. How do you see statuses, groups, roles, […]

Discuss how the therapeutic process is conducted.

The use of CBT towards Police officers as a social worker Choose one of the EBPs that we are studying, and also choose a specific population for which it would be relevant (e.g., veterans, police officers, children, couples). YOU WILL BE USING CBT-(COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY) AS A FORM OF EBP- (Evidence Based Practice) WITH POLICE […]

What can be done to expand justice and opportunity to all Black folks in cities labelled Black meccas?

In this chapter the authors state that Black political power is not enough on its own to address class and race-based inequality in Black meccas. Why do you believe this is? What can be done to expand justice and opportunity to all Black folks in cities labelled Black meccas? Textbook Chapter 12: Deirdre A. Oakley […]

How is the notion of “Nomadic Identities” reflected in Kim Lefèvre ‘s works and the movie Jasmine Lane. Give at least one example from each.

after watching the short film JASMINE LANE and reading the text, respond to at least two of the questions below. By Sunday, November 13 respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. 1. How do some of the themes we have discussed regarding women’s lives in former French colonies connect to either the texts […]

What are the fundamental causes of the landscape of mental health, in particular for queer men of color?

What are the fundamental causes of the landscape of mental health, in particular for queer men of color? No need to form an argument, just provide a description/background of the question. Use ASA Format for citations. ex: (LName et al. 20XX:##) Last Names, Year of Publication, Page # Use the attached sources. Hatzenbuehler, Mark L., […]

How does the Youth Control Complex affect Latino youths’ experience in education

Please answer each prompt seperately. Each one should be 200-250 words. i will provide two sources. you must include one source in each post. Week 5 Discussion Post: What is the ‘decolonial imaginary’ (DI)? How does Martinez (2021) apply Emma Perez’s (1997) conceptualization of the DI to the treatment and study of gangs and juvenile […]

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