Other formats will not be accepted.

Complete the attached PDF fillable document. Save it and upload it back to your professor for grading. Also you should also attach photo documentation as requested in the activity (see attached). Please remember you should submit documents as JPG, PDF, RTF, PNG, DOC and DOCX only. Other formats will not be accepted. Incorrect submission formats […]

Write one paragraph about how this group or activity is benefitting the water quality in the area that you chose.

Search a location that is important to you and find about a water protection group or activity that you feel passionately about. In your discussion post, please include the following: Post the link to either the group website or an article about the group or their activity. Write one paragraph about how this group or […]

Discuss this in terms of ethical data collection.

After watching “The Great Hack” documentary and reviewing the PowerPoint slides; discuss how big data is similar to data collection in behavioral science research. What is the issue with the unregulated use of individual data being sold to companies for profit? Discuss this in terms of ethical data collection. What key elements are missing (think […]

Just following the format of this sample should be good.

Now that you have updated your physicians on the state of the lab, it’s time to choose a new test to add to the lab menu. The doctors have some ideas which they have forwarded to you. You can only add one test this year, and you must choose that test from the list of […]

State any additional

Please make sure that your Essay responses are typed. The essay should be no longer than 2 pages double-spaced with a cover page included. A work cited page must be included citing the sources you used. If you are unsure how to cite in APA or MLA, I would recommend consulting with a librarian that […]

I find such an event worthwhile to experience as it can shed light on why modern medicine uses various ether and nitrous oxide derivatives in patient anesthetization.

Please revise this essay by answering [] questions. I would have loved to experience the first surgical procedure using anesthesia, a hallmark historical event that revolutionized medicine. In 1846, Boston dentist William T.G. Morton used sulfuric ether to anesthetize a patient in need of surgery to remove a vascular tumor from his neck. [WHAT, IF […]

What is the role of science in society? in your community?

Hi I need a lab report based on this lab https://youtu.be/NvZPV2iR1pU I will attach the lab outline. I also need a question answered. A paragraph or two is fine. What is the role of Science in Society? in your community? You can use this article as a guide Key findings about Americans’ confidence in science […]

Demonstrate the ability to write a testable hypothesis related to bottled water and tap water.

Lab Graded Assignment Objectives Demonstrate the ability to write a testable hypothesis related to bottled water and tap water. NOTE: This means to physically do an experiment. DO NOT do a literature review and call that an experiment. This lab requires the purchase of a few items, for example, some bottled water (it may require […]

You may use any reference style you’d like as long as it is organized and one of the standard formats for scientific writing.

Pathogen Essay We live in constant association with trillions of microorganisms, most of which do us no harm (commensals) and some of which benefit us (mutualists). However, a select few microorganisms are pathogenic in nature, and it is these organisms that make a large impact on public health. For your pathogen essay, you can select […]

What are the health hazards associated with the operation?

Instructions: You have been tasked with identifying health hazards associated with a production line at a manufacturing facility. Employees at the beginning of the line use a solvent to clean the surface of medium-size auto parts, and then they place the parts on a moving line. As the parts move along the line, an employee […]

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