How does our relationship with God impact our relationships with others?

Psalm 46:10 reads, “He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth’” (NIV). Questions to ponder: How does the act of “being still and knowing” God help us to gain a better understanding of our own personalities and the personalities […]

Theology of social media

Submit a 3-page Practical Theology of your topic. My topic is “Theology of social media.”In this you need to coherently and thoughtfully address the following: Identify the problem you are addressing and describe the “Why?” of this problem. Engage in the descriiptive task, “What is going on?” describe the problem and the issues associated with […]

What were the most significant reasons for the French Revolution?

Question 1 (2 points) The creation of the railroad system throughout the Western world was based not only on the invention of a heavy-duty steam engine, but also textile machines, new ways of making iron, and the hard work of laborers who built the roads. Question 1 options: True False Question 2 (2 points) Many […]

develop a biblical mission and vision for a church

800 words minimum Contained in the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20are separate statements that address both a biblical mission and a compelling vision. Using these as foundational statements, develop a biblical mission and vision for a church you have attended or are presently attending. at least two scholarly citations and two Bible integrations. Biblical source […]

Do you think that Hinduism could be generally classified as a “universalistic” religion? Why or why not?

Students are asked to consult with the course text, Introducing Hinduism, by Hillary Rodrigues and any zoom class lecture notes in preparing a response to both questions. Suggested length for your responses is 500 words per question. Each question will be marked out of 15 and the assignment will count for (2 x 15=) 30% […]

Write a 250 reflection on boundaries in church finances and business.

Paper 1-One Page paper Please use only the reading material send to you. Write a 250 word reflection on boundaries in pastoral relationships with adults. Integrate the content from this unit with your ministerial context to capture key points, best practices, and next steps for your role in ministry. Reflection 2-One Page Paper Write a […]

Boundaries with Church Finances and Business

This order is also part of order #361208057 Paper one-Two Page Paper Write a 500 word case study on a boundary topic of your choosing. 1. Boundaries with Church Finances and Business Look at these two example and write your own Case study on Case Study 1 or 2. Case Study 1 Jody is an […]

Islam and there culture.

My paper is based on the courtship rituals, traditions, and misconnceptions of marriage, divorce, and family life within Islam and there culture. My essay is completely focused around marriage, divorce and family life as well as the Islamic beliefs towards each subject.

How do you explain the “variety” that is called Protestantism?

Please answering all three topics, a section for each one. 1) For our first topic, Protestantism, answer the following question: -How do you explain the “variety” that is called Protestantism? Give specific examples of the characteristics that have contributed to such variety. In light of such differences, does tolerance exist among different denominations? If so, […]

What were some of the messages you learned about yourself from your faith community that you believe were dysfunctional

Read Life of the Beloved pages 85-140 Respond to the following questions What were some of the messages you learned about yourself from your faith community that you believe were dysfunctional or detrimental to your relationship to God? In what ways were those messages sent? (sermons, Bible Class, snarky comments, mishandling of scriipture, etc.) How […]

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