Explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.

*** Sample Assignment attached.  Use the sample to help you understand what needs to be done for this assignment.*** Instructions: Most special educators are required to differentiate reading and writing instruction for students across different skill levels, often in the same classroom. Being experienced with a variety of differentiation strategies will make such instructional planning […]

Describe problems related to the issue

Topic:  School Safety Week 3 Assignment – Select an Issue in Education Overview This week you will select an educational issue to focus on for the rest of the course. The issue will be appropriate to your chosen track, either K–12 or adult education. For this assignment, you will research the issue, explain how it […]

Describe how the curriculum will be implemented

Curriculum & Instruction Proposal Elementary, middle, and high schools face diverse and unique issues when it comes to ensuring every student has an opportunity to achieve learning goals. For discussion 4, you identified a curriculum and instruction issue that hinders learning. For this assignment, you will propose a measure for revising or embellishing your current […]

describe the elements in an employee termination process.

After you have studied each chapter and read the “Focus Scenario” for Chapter 6 (Staff Development, pg. 182) and Chapter 7 (Performance Evaluation, pg. 206 ), select which scenario you will post. Chapter 6: Prepare a detailed plan on how you would use state funds the district received to enhance staff development opportunities for teachers […]

Identify the ethical behavior/dilemma

For each scenario (4), you are to write a short paragraph (at least 1/2 page) that will: Identify the ethical behavior/dilemma, Cite the standard of professional behavior from the Code of Ethics  the action violates using the number and letter, Provide justification for your selection of the standard, and Describe an alternate behavior that is […]

What advice do you give others when looking at a child holistically?

Please read all the the below and attached files and answer questions with citations. Must be question/answer format. https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/_blue-top_640x360_ccv2/ab/streaming/myeducationlab/inclusion/Portfolio_Assessment_Writing_Folder_iPad.mp4 Describe how environmental, cognitive, and cultural factors involved in reading difficulties for early childhood students can all play a factor in understanding a student’s needs.  Which of these is more important than the other?  What students […]

Briefly describe your understanding of standard scores and the importance of their conversion into other forms.

Statistics Overview Discussion 1. Identify the independent and dependent variables in this research question:  What is the effect of 3rd grade students’ daily time spent reading on reading comprehension scores? 2. Give an example of a clear vs. unclear operational definition for a research study, and explain why clear operational definitions for variables are important. […]

Identify the statistical test used (t-test, chi square, ANOVA, Pearson r, etc.) for data analysis.

Overview:  For this assignment, you will review a research study (dissertation), and briefly describe the design, methods, and results, per full criteria below. Directions & Evaluation Criteria: Find and report on a dissertation (Choose from list below) that uses quantitative or mixed methodology. (If you select a mixed study, only report on the quantitative part […]

Identify two books appropriate to your grade level and content area of certification (elementary education).

Identify two books appropriate to your grade level and content area of certification (elementary education). For each selection, name your plan to assess the literacy of your students based on the book. You must include at least one but are encouraged to name more than one, literacy assessment strategy.

how will you minimize the risk or drawback to create a safe learning environment

Identify one technology that you would like to use in your classroom. Based on required reading for this selection, identify: 1. how would you use the technology to improve student learning 2. risk or drawback associated with the use of the technology 3. how will you minimize the risk or drawback to create a safe […]

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