What type of contract should Clinker Consultancy enter into with People Consultancy for the project? Explain your answer.

Project procurement planning details how the procurement process will be managed effectively to achieve the project’s objectives. As such, the procurement planning has to be tailored specifically to meet the needs of various projects. Clinker Consultancy has a large, complex software development project to be initiated. To staff this project, Clinker Consultancy is working with […]

Describe as fully as necessary how a lack of schedule control and mishandling of changes in work scope torpedoed this project.

Read the Case Study titled “Denver International Airport (DIA)” that begins on page 467 (in Part 14) in the Kerzner text. This is a classic case of project management failure. One could perform many levels of analysis as to why this project failed, as the questions at the end of the case study suggest. Read […]

search for at least five peer-reviewed papers that discuss/address your topic of interest and research questions.

Based on the topic you chose in your first week’s discussion and based on the feedback you received from your peers, search for at least five peer-reviewed papers that discuss/address your topic of interest and research questions. The main objective of reading these papers is to understand what other researchers in the field have done […]

What risks have become issues over the course of the project?

I’ve decided to do “JPMorgan Chase moving retail bank’s core system to cloud” project. Details of this project link :https://thoughtmachine.net/jpmc. Please use the project and write an essay based on the question below. Management of Project Scope and Risk Assessment a. Does the scope of the project appear to have been clearly defined up front? […]

Analysis, is a summary of the company, its marketing environment, its main customer market

Recently, your company, ABC Project Management Team was hired (you get to choose a company/website) to improve their project management procedures. The company (your company) that hired ABC spent almost $750,000 to help increase sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Your job, as the project manager is to identify a company you believe would benefit from […]

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