Report must include:

PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS AND FILES Your written report must include: First paragraph: Explain how you are currently doing with eating a healthy diet (what do you eat regularly). Is your diet balanced with all the proper percentages of nutrients (give examples)? Based on the analysis, are you getting enough nutrients? Are you getting too much […]

Your interview assignment will be evaluated on:

N&D 335 INTERVIEW PROJECT LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Provide an opportunity for students to interact with an individual from another country, practicing and supporting respectful intercultural communication • Expand student’s worldview to what others eat and how they live • Better appreciate peoples’ differences and similarities • Strengthen student’s writing skills INSTRUCTIONS: For this assignment you […]

Does the language or tone seem biased and free of emotion?

Write a short analysis of the nutrition website or blog following the template below. Web site: Give URL for home page. I need to be able to reference your site. This needs to be a web site or blog, not a single page from a site. Using the CRAAP framework, assess your site. Assess the […]

What are the consequences of deficiency?

There are two water soluble vitamins that can be synthesized by some animals but not by others, including humans: They are Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin). Therefore these vitamins would not be essential nutrients for all species as they are for humans. For your main post, choose one of the these to […]

Could you put together an educational program for them and choose 2 meal examples ( one breakfast and one lunch) for the mothers?

Hello, this is Jessie Hardcastle over at the Refugee Resettlement Organization. We are dealing with a large number of women with infants who have recently been resettled in our town. However, the doctors tell us that they have some malnutrition problems and need information about how to eat healthily. The doctor has given them vitamins […]

How does the fat content fit into your daily budget for fat intake?

How would this meal fit into your daily diet? How would the fat content affect your health? How does the fat content fit into your daily budget for fat intake? Does this meal contain more good fats than bad? How much of each? Are there trans-fats? How many?

They represent 1) jewish, 2) muslim, 3) african, 4)chinese, 5)native americans, 6) indian, and 7) iranian cultural groups as well as our american and african american clients.

Hi, this is Miss Wheeler over at Meals on Wheels. Here in New Town, we have a very diverse group of people for whom we provide meals every day. They represent 1) Jewish, 2) Muslim, 3) African, 4)Chinese, 5)Native Americans, 6) Indian, and 7) Iranian cultural groups as well as our American and African American […]

In a summary (250 words or more), discuss what you identified as the primary influences on your intake over the 3 days you recorded.

I just need these to be answered 1. In a summary (250 words or more), discuss what you identified as the primary influences on your intake over the 3 days you recorded. Be sure to include if there were any surprises about what did or did not influence how much you ate on those days. […]

He writes about the ways in which consumers are so eager to be in compliance that they try to follow the rules set aside by…”

Determine what the authors’ main ideas are.—- please choose from Pollan or Ettlinger and Fraser or Reichl. This means you will be drawing from the reading. Your essay should be 1-2 typed pages in length. (Coming in under or going over will result in a penalty). Be sure to double-space and follow the MLA guidelines […]

Your blog post, which you will submit as a word document should:

Instructions For this assignment, you are asked to imagine yourself as a dietitian in a nutritional practice. As a dietitian, you are to write a blog post to share with the patients you serve. The subject of the blog post should be “How obesity has been linked to diabetes”. Address the following in your Blog: […]

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