Using this tipping point theory, identify the differences of Beatlemania in both years – 1963 and 1964 – give specific characteristics of these differences, give detailed examples to support your points and be sure to cite your sources.

The Music of The Beatles Beatlemania Project A major theme of the story of the Beatles and their approach to being a band was that until they made it big in America, they did not believe they had succeeded. For this assignment, you are to compare and contrast the Beatlemania of the years 1963 and […]

Identify what you believe are the common musical threads among the artists in your groups.

Rock and roll band playing guitars on stage. “Rock and Roll” was a phrase coined in the 1920s, which eventually became known as a descriiptor for a style of music that combined Rhythm and Blues and standard Blues in the 1950s. Rock and Roll became popular with teenagers in the post-World War II United States. […]

write down what the music “means” to you.

Directions: Listen to the entire composition and enjoy. Listen to each of the excerpts taken from this composition. For each excerpt, write down what the music “means” to you. Does the excerpt remind you of something, make you feel a certain way, or even tell a story. There are no incorrect responses (YEA). When you […]

WRITE at least 1 response to each of the 9 media pieces & articles

WATCH & LISTEN to all the media files below. READ/peruse the two texts for additional insights. WRITE at least 1 response to each of the 9 media pieces & articles. Express any new insights or questions that come up for you or how the additional information has supplemented your understanding of these John Cage works. […]

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