What discoveries did you make while studying these scenes and outside sources?

The paper or video essay should include the following sections. 1. Introduction that includes a film synopsis and thesis statement on music’s contribution to the film. 2. Overview of film’s musical materials. 3. Analytical commentary on one or two scenes from the film. To prepare for this, make and submit an analytical chart in the […]

Analyze how the singer’s conviction and/or personality contributes to the record’s emotional impact.

ANALYZING VOCAL PERFORMANCE PART 1 Choose a record that epitomizes your vision of the “virtuoso” singer. Listen to the record with fresh ears, using the listening techniques you’ve been developing. Write a short analysis of the record. In your analysis: 1. Include the name of the artist, song title and genre. 2. Chart the form […]

In both cases, support your argument with song analysis (use your SAW I) and course terminogy.

Explaination of the assignment: https://auc.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=7ce71ed4-360e-4cc1-8661-ab970163b83b&start=0 Reaction Paper I: – choose arab song (amr diab, tamer hosny, etc.) and analyze it using the powerpoints attached and the documents that are attached with all the requirements Complete and submit as a PDF or Word file. Other formats will not be accepted. Does traditional takht music still assert […]

Which genre and composer impressed you the most and why (attach supporting media/historical links)?

This week we take a closer look at Classical music in America. Of the following: concrete music, chance music, Harlem Renaissance, Electronic music, and Minimalist music; 1) Which genre and composer impressed you the most and why (attach supporting media/historical links)? 2) Has your concept of the definition of music changed? If so what has […]

Why this album is significant for the artist?

< In this paper, you will discuss an important album by a major jazz musician. I have provided a list of acceptable albums inside this folder. The major items you will discuss in the paper are: < A description of the songs on the album (or if it has very many short songs, as in […]

What made you choose this artist and performance?

Choose an artist from the above list and post a Youtube video of one of their performances in your discussion answer. Artist :Michael Jackson youtube.com/watch?v=EsopN7JKUVs Along with this video, answer the following questions. * QUESTIONS: How might you describe this R&B artist’s musical style and identifying (musical) traits? What made you choose this artist and […]

How does it compare to other holiday music from a different culture? Be specific and give an example.

In your writing be sure to include: 1) Song “FACTS” – Title, composer, performer(s) and their instrument(s), genre, length of song, record label, date of recording or release, language. AND, 2) Song “DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS” – From your assigned reading AND the other academic sources listed above, discuss in your writing: Describe in detail * […]

What is the most interesting thing about this recording to you?

Listen to each and choose one musical selection from this list to write your listening reflection. Linked to Chapter 13 Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast by Frank Zappa Life on Mars? by David Bowie Metamorphosis by Curved Air Linked to Chapter 14 Alidina by The Maytals Harambe by Rita […]

Explain in thorough detail.

Choose a record that epitomizes groove for you. Listen to the record with fresh ears, using the listening techniques you’ve been developing. Write a short but thorough analysis of the record. In your analysis include the following: The artist, song title, genre, and tempo, up front. Identify the emotions conveyed. Examine how elements of the […]

Why is he important in the history of rock music?

Look up ALAN FREED and answer these questions, putting the responses IN YOUR OWN WORDS. DO NOT SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE FROM AN ONLINE SOURCE. If I find your responses are plagiarized, you will be subject to disciplinary action. Please REread my stance on academic dishonesty. (It is in the syllabus.) Enter your response in […]

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