Discuss how people used media and/or were influenced by media in relation to the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Discuss how people used media and/or were influenced by media in relation to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. You may choose to discuss any aspect of the election and assocated media uses and effects — such as the election itself, challenges to the outcome of the election by Donald Trump and others, or the January […]

Write a news story based on the following transcript from a murder trial.

INSTRUCTIONS: You will write a story based on the following information. Your story should be in inverted-pyramid-style, with a summary lead. The length should be 350 to 600 words. Use correct AP Style, grammar and punctuation. You are a court reporting covering the murder trial of Frank Biegel, 43, of Long Beach, and Eric A. […]

Explain why you selected the quote and how the quote relates to your selected social issue and your perspective on the issue

Review the course readings related to your selected social issue, select 4-6 key quotes from the reading selections, and complete the following for each: Give the bibliographic information for the reading selection source in APA format. This can be copied and pasted from the class week where the reading is introduced. Give the exact quote […]

What abilities and resources does your organization lack that interfere with its success?

READ SECTIONS TASK ATTACHED BELOW In Chapter 9 of the Saylor text, Mastering Public Relations, there is a formula that is used by many organizations to analyze their position in the marketplace as part of their research for a PR campaign. It is usually called a “SWOT” analysis; the acronym stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats […]

What are the major issues facing the organization?

Every organization from time to time encounters issues that will have an impact on the mission and goals of the organization. The Institute for Public Relations defines an issue as “a situation that evokes the attention and concern of influential organizational publics and stakeholders.” It says issues management is the “process that helps organizations detect […]

How would you apply the principles of crisis management discussed in the video to the situation?

Crisis communication specialists know the best way to manage a crisis is to be prepared with multiple action plans that will communicate the company’s competence, credibility, caring, capability, and commitment to an effective response, as described in this short video on the “Roles of PR in Crisis Communication and Disaster Management”: Questions for you: Based […]

How would you apply Grunig’s theories to the design of such a program?

Dr. James Grunig of the University of Maryland has written of the importance of using social media to develop and maintain relationships with an organization’s publics. In an article published in 2009, “Paradigms of Global Public Relations in an Age of Digitalization,” Dr. Grunig cited two theories that can help PR practitioners make use of […]

Explain how the theory relates to the commercial and how the commercial depicts the theory you have

The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply your knowledge. Steps to complete the assignment is as follow 1) Choose a interesting commercial you can watch multiple times and paste the link in the essay 2) Analyze commercial -Apply 2 theories from chapter 2 to the commercial – Explain the theory – Explain […]

Opinion piece/article.

Opinion piece/article. I support that Search Funds and their operator, young entrepreneurs, can be a great career for MBAs and help maintain and revitalize Small- and medium-sized businesses/enterprises worldwide. I include some materiabcils to support the arguments.

Please note that since we will not be using human research subjects for this course, you will only complete the following fields for your checklist for this week’s assignment.

The results section contains data that will either answer your research question or show support (or lack of support) for your hypothesis. Please consult both the checklist below and the resources in Unit 6 prior to writing up your Results section. This section should be 1 1⁄2- 2 pages double spaced, APA format. The print […]

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