What is your reaction to the Ronald Davis “I am not a Bum” video? (LINK) Which of his human rights have been violated

PART ONE A topic from Human Rights Watch (link) and an article (at least 3 pages of text; if the article is super long just use 3-5 of the main pages) or documentary to annotate. Include a link to the resource as well. ANNOTATE 1) Sum up Main Points 2) Question the Material 3) Agree/Disagree […]

Postulate on two actions that the NCAA leadership should take in order to regain the trust and confidence of students and stakeholders.

Resources From Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases, read “Case 9: The NCAA Has Many Balls in the Air”. Use Strayer Library to locate at least three academic resources for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. Instructions Write a 4–6 page paper in which you: Determine […]

Does the character have privilege and in what circumstances?

Throughout this course, we have examined a variety of different dimensions of diversity, how diversity is represented, what role intersectionality and privilege play in creating and maintaining bias and discrimination, and how we learn our “single stories” about diversity. This final project in the course will require you to bring all of these ideas together […]

Discuss how you will use these two concepts when working in a multicultural human service setting.

Part 1 150 words prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, Read Working With Clients With Disabilities: Implications for Psychotherapists Links to an external site.. Read https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK563176/- -Identify at least two important cultural competencies or implications to keep in mind when working with persons with disabilities in the human services field and why they […]

What about the situations in each scene may be shaping how the manager is approaching the employee?

PLEASE WATCH: ANSWER: What about the situations in each scene may be shaping how the manager is approaching the employee? What strengths and challenges do you see in each of the manager’s way of interacting with the employee? Drawing the notion of “styles” from our reading, what style of management works best for you as […]

Identify the impact of other influences on the social development such as gender (Kohlberg) and the environment, or culture.

Write a summary of what you observed and compare your observation: a. To the stages of development described by Erickson for the age/stage of development you observed. b. Determine the temperaments (Chess & Thomas) if any, and c. Identify the impact of other influences on the social development such as gender (Kohlberg) and the environment, […]

What appeals to you about this ideology

Write a forum post–just 400-500 words–that goes deeper into one particular ideology: one that YOU feel drawn to, an ideological story that you “live inside” Describe the ideology, and focus on how YOU are drawn into it, how YOU “live inside” this ideology (here I want you to draw upon our classes on INTERPELLATION). Some […]

What actions or initiatives will you develop to meet your goal?

Certified nursing assistants provide the bulk of direct care in a skilled nursing facility. Unfortunately, the profession experiences high turnover which is not only costly, but it directly impacts the care provided to our consumers. As a future administrator, you will spend a significant amount of time managing both recruitment and retention efforts. To that […]

Describe the current issues or concerns of donald duck?

“Donald Duck Assessment”. Format for all reflective essays include: 12pt font APA style with article references What is Donald Ducks’ Diagnosis? Describe the current issues or concerns of Donald Duck? Describe agency concerns of Donald Duck? Who can provide support to Donald Duck? What type of treatment does Donald Duck need? What are your final […]

What do you think of the idea that every employee working for a business enterprise has a responsibility to help the employer make a profit?

Please ensure your work is thoughtful and reflective – a minimum of one paragraph per question unless otherwise stated. Doing the minimum means the minimum for a low, but passing grade. Responses that receive “B”s go beyond the minimum, and responses that give A’s demonstrate excellence and mastery. Don’t forget to include statistics, facts, and […]

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