Identify a significant vulnerable population in your local area.

Identify a significant vulnerable population in your local area. What should your jurisdiction do to improve communication to that population before and during a disaster, in order to minimize the jurisdiction’s legal liabilities? My area is Panama City Beach, FL

Why is warning intelligence so hard?

Prepare a 125-word initial post for each of the following questions. Please reference/cite as necessary using APA style with citation in the text. Intelligence in the National Security Enterprise by Roger Z. George will need to be cited in the response. 2 citations for each question. 1. George makes a case that strategic intelligence is […]

Analyzes how each of these challenges the implementation of NIMS.

This unit’s Assignment is the taking and successful completion of FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute’s “An Introduction to National Incident Management System Course” (IS-700.B). As a value-added feature of HM501, you will receive a FEMA certificate upon successful completion of IS-700.B. Go to the FEMA website’s homepage for IS-700.B. Read the overview of the IS-700.B, then […]

Does it provide some insights but still leave you wondering?

Instructions For this assignment, you will choose a scholarly article pertinent to your research topic and write a review of it. You will “de-construct” the article for the reader, analyzing the claims that the author is making and how well he/she supports those claims. You will also explain how this article fits into your research […]

What is the article’s implications for information security policy?

Please review the following article: Ali, S., Bosche, A. & Ford, F. (2018, Jun 13). Cybersecurity Is the Key to Unlocking Demand in the Internet of Things. Bain & Company. CLICK LINK: Cybersecurity Is the Key to Unlocking Demand in the Internet of Things. The review should be three (3) pages typed, double-spaced […]

What type of local and state planning would you focus on to protect your city from an unconventional attack on the public transit system?

DHS was established shortly after 9/11. It brings together 22 different agencies to protect the United States “to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards. Imagine that your employer placed you in charge of the disaster planning office for a major U.S. city such as Chicago. What type […]

Explain the difference between incident command and unified command.

Explain the difference between incident command and unified command. 2. Research the internet and find an article, video or webpage detailing an emergency incident that used a unified command. 3. Post the link to the article, video or webpage. 4. Was the command structure effective for this incident? If yes, describe why. If no, what […]

What has been the american strategy for fighting insurgency since the 1960’s?

Discussion 5 This week’s discussion asks you to consider ‘How New is New Terrorism’? The discussion comments must answer the following questions: What has been the American strategy for fighting insurgency since the 1960’s? What identifiable trends for fighting insurgency have we seen? Reflecting on historical case studies, is insurgency today different from insurgency in […]

High-level points for consideration.

A general overview of securing critical infrastructure. High-level points for consideration. This should be a broad overview of major considerations. Some references attached, but please feel free to include more to make it 2 per page.

This assignment must be completed via the template and is a pretend scenario

National Security senior leaders use Table-Top Exercises (TTXs) to discuss strategies and policies and/or war-game strategic decision-making and implementation. These TTXs help refine the National Security decision-making process and assist National Security leaders in developing playbooks for crisis response. Most often TTXs are pretexted by a scenario brief called a ‘scene-setter.’ This TTX will be […]

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