What does the linguistic variation you have chosen mean?

Instructions 1- The essay is a Pro memorial (Investigative essay) about the Swedish language. 2- Select two or more of the following language variations for your investigative essay – Chat language, Slang language, Dialects, Sex languages (language and gender), Kronolekt, Suburban Swedish, Swear words. 3- It is often said that language is power. There are many different linguistic […]

How does Ethnocentrism, Unconscious bias and Stereotyping impact the recruitment of minorities and the LGBT community?

I need an 1000 words essay The question is: How does Ethnocentrism, Unconscious bias and Stereotyping impact the recruitment of minorities and the LGBT community? What can be done to manage the biases and stereotypes of decision-makers that negatively impact the recruitment of these people? This needs to be broken into 4 parts: Introduction 150 words […]

Propose a business analytics report to solve practical problems identified in an ICT business project.

Individual Assignment Business Analysis Case Study – Stage IIIn this assignment, a Melbourne housing dataset is given to you to apply data mining techniques to resolve a business problem. Assuming that you are taking a business analyst role in a real estate consulting firm, and you are asked to leverage your business analytical skills to […]

Identify and evaluate opposing or alternate views and consider their implications

1) Compose a research question of your own prompted by analysis of the stimulus materials. Your question must relate to a theme that connects at least two of the stimulus materials. 2) Gather information from a range of additional sources representing a variety of perspectives, including scholarly work. 3) Analyze, evaluate, and select evidence. Interpret […]

a Code of Ethics for Crown Resorts.

You are required to research recent news articles and other information about Crown Resorts. You must then draft a Code of Ethics for Crown Resorts. Assessment Instructions Your Code of Ethics for Crown Resorts must specifically address: A. Discrimination B. Exploitation C. Corruption D. Dishonest and Fraudulent Behavior E. Whistleblower Protections F. Enforcemen

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