What is green to gold?

Hello, I was wondering if you could write an email to my old commander asking for a letter of recommendation. i am trying to apply for the green to gold program. WHAT IS GREEN TO GOLD? The Army Green to Gold (G2G) Program is designed to offer Active Army Enlisted Soldiers in the Army the […]

What vulnerability assessment method did you use? Explain why.

The best way to identify strengths and weaknesses of an infrastructure sector is conducting a survey or vulnerability assessment. Following the parameters of the type of assessment tool being used, any weaknesses in the critical infrastructure component will be noted and brought to attention to the agencies responsible for the component. Many tools contain a […]

Discuss the rules for picking the President and allocating power in the United States Senate

I’m putting more topics in the instructions below because it exceeded the number of characters I can put in the topic field. One concern is that population shifts from (mostly white) rural states to (increasingly ethnically diverse) urban states, combined with growing American polarization, provides an unfair advantage to the Republican Party in the Senate […]

What institutions failed to protect the rights of the people? How?

Read the section in chapter four on Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the press. Go to the video tab and click on the video on House of Un-American Activity and view the video. After viewing the clip, answer the following questions: 1. Give a brief summary of the film. 2. What institutions failed to […]

How do the powers of the presiding officers in the state legislature take away from a true spirit of democracy?

How do the powers of the presiding officers in the state legislature take away from a true spirit of democracy? That is, since a bill’s life in the legislature so much depends upon its being favored or disfavored by the speaker of the house and/or the lieutenant governor, do the “people” of Texas have any […]

He shows that brown actually enraged a society of people and energized its opponents.

Works Cited/Annotated Bibliography Assignment instructions Works Cited/Annotated Bibliography Assignment instructions Due: October 7th @ 11:59PM–moved back a week from date on syllabus Clearly break your paper into two sections: Part 1 and Part 2. Labeling each section(Works Cited) (Annotated Bibliography) will help clearly define each part. There should be only 8 sources on your paper […]

I need to double check.

Please see attached for all instructions and send information. I believe I forgot one important part. This assignment is going to be a group project and I believe my part is ECONOMY. I need to double check. Also this is a week class and I would like to retain my writer for the duration.

3- compare and contrast the unitary, confederal, and federal systems of governmental organization.

Select ONE of the following questions to answer. The answer should be at least 400 words in length. 1- Compare and contrast the articles of confederation to the constitution. what weaknesses of the first were addressed in the second? 2- Discuss the Madisonian Model of Government. What checks and balances does each branch of government […]

For example, some scholars argue that the principal responsibility of corporations should simply be return on investment to shareholders.

Base on the comments, plz fix that Your topic is the “global effects of democracy on corporate governance,” and your research question is, “how do corporations maintain democracy as a social obligation in light of changing attitudes toward democracy and authoritarianism in modern global societies”? It’s not quite clear what your thesis will be. However, […]

1. Please write a research paper statement for rt2 based on my rt1 paper and the

1. Please write a research paper statement for rt2 based on my rt1 paper and the general direction of rt2 that I discussed with my supervisor. “in RT 2, I should extend and write an article about corporate democracy and how companies should undertake social responsibilities or work with them. A research paper on the […]

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