Create a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences of the two organizations.

Purpose: There are many professional organizations that work toward the betterment of young children. The purpose is to compare and contrast professional organization in the field of early childhood education in key areas. Directions: 1. You are to select two organizations from the list: Association for Children Education International Council for Exceptional Children Council for […]

describe the role the gap analysis plays in the development of an applied improvement project (AIP).

Last week, you were asked to identify an area of interest in your organization or profession that could be an area of opportunity for improvement. For this Week 2 assignment you will describe this area of interest to include what within the organization needs improvement, and the background and context for this area of opportunity […]

Describe what equal protection requires.

Research the implications of equal protection for K-12 students within one of the following groups: -Classifications based on English language learners; -Classifications through ability grouping/tracking; -Classifications in academic programs based on gender; -Classifications in sports programs based on gender; and -Classifications to assign students to specific schools for racial balance. In a 500-750-word essay, address […]

discuss any legal issues regarding the grading of your student’s essay

You have a standard practice of displaying all student work in your classroom. Recently, you assigned students to write any essay and submit a pictorial depiction on the person they considered to be their hero. One of your students submitted an essay on Jesus and a drawing of the Last Supper. In a 500-750-essay, discuss […]

which factor do you feel is most important to ensuring learning for all students and why?

Overview IMPORTANT: Prior to responding to this week’s discussion, complete the following: Do a time audit for your class. The purpose of this is to give you an idea of how much time you have to teach each of the concepts you are supposed to teach. If you are teaching in a Texas public school, […]

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