However, the children of us citizens could still enter america.

Download the book PDF from this website: 4 Required Question Sets In the first textbook Strangers From A Different Shore read about the first Chinese Americans and submit the answers to 4 reading question sets by Sunday 11pm Question Sets 1-4: Chapter 6: Ethnic Islands The Emergence of Urban Chinese America 230-269) Answer 4 […]

What factors shape your own diverse experiences?

Module Overview In the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 2 states: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no […]

Analyse and explain to a layperson the case presented below through theories discussed in this course

Assessment 2 You are asked to prepare solutions to the Case Study by identifying and defining the different value and belief systems present in intercultural management in Tourism. You should apply different cultural frameworks and strategies when applying theory to practice in solving a variety of problems encountered in this Case Study. Analyse and explain […]

I am attaching my signature PowerPoint on African Independence. I would like you

I am attaching my signature PowerPoint on African Independence. I would like you to look at slides 30 and 31. Those two slides come from one of the early Africanists (Hyden, 2006), who published a work in which he reflects on the scholarship on Africa since the early days of independence in the 1950s. These […]

how does this particular author/society view female power?

In preparation for meaningful class discussion, you are asked to post a CRITICAL response (250- 300 words) to ONE of the weekly readings. Consider your weekly responses a self-reflective, explorative, yet, critical “journal” on the issues we will be discussing ranging from the text specific (e.g., how does this particular author/society view female power?) to […]

What did the director want to express by making this film?

You are to submit a 600 – word (minimum) paper critiquing each film as it relates to African American Studies, history, and people who identify as African American and/or Black. The review should include the following: 1. Watch the film – take notes as you watch the film 2. Understand the audience. – Who was […]

Compare the representation of ability and disability in two of Nimona, The Old Dark House, and Mad Max

for my essay I have chosen Disability Studies. Compare the representation of ability and disability in two of Nimona, The Old Dark House, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Make an argument about the significance of the similarities and differences you identify. I have the PDF attached to this. Comments from Customer Discipline: english pop culture


This is the topic of my project. It is a timeline project. I need a proposal right now. Read the instructions in file attached. I am doing it as an individual project not group . The proposal should be around 300 words. Asian Library 60th Anniversary – Timeline Comments from Customer Discipline: ASIA

Managing Cultural Diversity

read the article and gather the information based on the power point lectures slides plus come up with 4 questions from the article based on the slides with 4 possible answer but of course with only one correct answer. Comments from Customer Discipline: Managing Cultural Diversity

“Are Human Activities Determined?

Part 1: The author of the Irony of Service Download Irony of Service(Keith Morton) discusses what he calls a “continuum of service” (starting on p. 21 of the reading) by talking about three paradigms of service: charity, project, and social change. Describe each of these paradigms of service in relation to Figure 1 (located at […]

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