Describe a real-life example of how this theory is being utilized in law enforcement, courts, or corrections.

You have learned about numerous criminological theories and how each attempts to explain why people commit crimes. How do those theories help prevent or reduce crime in real and practical ways? For this 350- to 500-word journal activity, do the following: Choose a theory that criminal justice professionals use in one of the branches of […]

What are the strengths of this theory?

Critical and interactionist theories of criminology offer a range of possible explanations of criminal behavior. Some of these theories vary only slightly from one another, and some are considered to be quite radical. For this discussion, you will consider what you have learned from the resources in this module and describe which theory you believe […]

Define classical, biological, psychological, and sociological theories of criminology.

n Module Two, you learned about concepts from the classical school of thought. In this module, you have learned about biological, psychological, and sociological theories of criminology in the positivist school of thought. This assignment will help you gain a better understanding of the differences between these theories and their impact on the criminal justice […]

Identify a policy or program that was created to reduce crime in response to a strain theory.

As you’ve learned in this module, there are three categories of sociological theories of criminal behavior. These theories all seek to explain criminal behavior as a response to social forces. Two of the sociological theories, strain theory and cultural deviance theory, were formulated in the early part of the 20th century, yet remain significant in […]

The materials you include from the web site do not add to the clarity of the paper and, in some instances, are confusing.

the materials you include from the web site do not add to the clarity of the paper and, in some instances, are confusing. While they increase the length of the paper, they do not add to its value. For example, each of the portions of tables (in blue) you downloaded are hard to read and […]

Identify and describe the actor(s) in your event.

Turnitin Assignment for “Chinese Exclusion Act” Video:“Chinese Exclusion Act”. Directors Ric Burns and Li-Shin Yu. -chinese-exclusion act,produced in 2018 (2 hrs. 40 min.) To find video: Go to Lloyd Sealy Library siteClick on “Find then atMedia/One Search [Click on One Search]Pull down “Any Field” menu toTitle/enter: “Chinese Exclusion Act” On right side of screen, make […]

Write an 875- to 1,050-word paper on the importance of NIMS and ICS in interagency communication and collaboration as they relate to the 4 phases of emergency management

When multiple agencies collaborate during times of crisis, it is critical for the success of the disaster response that communication follows the 4 phases of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery). In this assignment, you’ll analyze how components of NIMS (National Incident Management System) and ICS (Incident Command System) protocols help consistently facilitate these […]

Effective emergency management after a natural disaster is dependent on communication and collaboration.

Effective emergency management after a natural disaster is dependent on communication and collaboration. Presidential declarations also have an impact on the response level and management of the situation. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Talk about a hurricane that occurred in NYC. Briefly describe a recent natural disaster that occurred in […]

What are your observations about managing incarceration of juveniles and intervention in, or curbing, violent behavior?

Read the articles at the following links: (a pdf of this article also attached) A youth corrections center plagued by escapes, drugs and a riot is headed for a physical — and cultural — reorganization Assignment: Think about the readings from the textbook and articles for this unit, and then reflect on the […]

How 1 year’s case processing totals compare to another year for 2 types of offenses and how they vary for different demographic groups and genders

Scenario: Imagine you are a probation officer who has been tasked with creating a report to share with the key personnel of the local school district to build awareness about laws and court processes that impact local court juvenile sentencing. Write a report that consists of 2 parts: Part 1: Data Visualization Research statistics on […]

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