Describe what happened in the version

Paris Is Burning Watch documentary above and answer questions below. Performance Worksheet 1.Title of performance: 2.Form of the performance (What kind of performance was it – dance, play, film, music video, music, sketch, speech, street performance, an ordinary day in the live performance of identity, television series, social media content, podcast, etc.?): 3.Name/s of the […]

Describe at least one effective aspect for each chart.

Assignment Question(s): Part 1 (7 Marks) Examine each of the following charts (Figures 1, and 2) and respond to the questions below: Figure 1 Figure 2 Source: General Authority of Statics Evaluate each one in terms of: (5 Marks) Describe at least one effective aspect for each chart. (1 Mark) Make two recommendation for improving […]

Do you think the results are biased based on the self-reporting approach used?

Can you complete one of the three questions? Only one question needs to be answered in about 200 words Abdelrahman’s “Personality Traits, Risk Perception, and Protective Behaviors of Arab Residents of Qatar During the COVID-19 Pandemic” analyzes the effects of personality traits, risk perception, and personal hygiene practices on social distancing in avoiding COVID-19 infection […]

Explain a communication theory or theories that you can identify.

write a 5-page or 1,250 word paper (Times New Roman font and font size 12) centered on the Black Mirror episode S4 E1, The SS Callister. After watching this episode of Black Mirror together and debrief This paper is to be no less than 1,250 words. Double-space, Times New Roman style and 12 size font. […]

What did you discover about the differences between being unable and unwilling to do something?

Textbook: Looking Out Looking In Ronald B. Adler & Russell F. Proctor II Cengage (available online) Activity 1: Playing Dear Abby (Chapter 9, Communication & Relational Dynamics). Many advice columns tackle interpersonal issues. Go to one of the “Dear Abby” websites by columnist Abigail Van Buren. Once on her website, pull up several of the […]

What are some things you can talk to them about that are not industry related?

TOPIC: Sports social media You want to get started in the industry, but you do not know where to start and home to connect with. This can be extremely informal (e.g., bullet points etc.). Step 1: Identify the industry and area you want to get into. Research the industry and see who are the major […]

What adjustments should your organization make to be sustainable during these challenging times?

This is a group project where I am only responsible for the recommendation portion of it. You work as a communication specialist at Estee Lauder Companies. Think about the economic and social challenges we have experienced in the last few months. What adjustments should your organization make to be sustainable during these challenging times? In […]

Briefly explain the issue and target population.

I have already finished two parts of the paper, I only need the third part, which is the “identify key messages”. I will upload the first assignment(which is Campaign paper part1), and the unfinished campaign paper part2. below is the requirements of this paper: Part 2 Description For Part 2 of the Health Communication Campaign […]

Evaluation of the theory’s or theories’ usefulness in understanding the communication event

Assignment Purpose and Overview: A communication event analysis paper focuses on meaningful communication activity, describes it, and analyzes it using a relevant theory set of theories. The “event” is a communication episode that involve significant interpersonal communication activity. The interpersonal event can be real or one presented via mediated communication, such as film or television. […]

Discuss what is occurring that makes it a high or low conversation orientation and high or low conformity orientation.

Page 318 of the book discusses 4 modes of family communication patterns: consensual, protective, pluralistic, and laissez-faire. They are based on two categories of communication rules, conversation orientation and conformity orientation. Using a pop-culture example, identify and discuss the family communication patterns, Include the following in your post in at least 300+ words: 1. Name […]

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