Why do you think your offering/ solution will succeed?

5-minute Executive Topline: 1) You should include the following points: Business Idea – What is your business? Market Assessment -Who is your Target Market? Value Propositions – What value do you deliver to customers, Which customer problems are you helping to solve? Business Model – How will you make $? 2) What you should be […]

post a message that identifies and explains the elements necessary to form a legally enforceable contract

Using the concepts from Chapters 7 through 11, post a message that identifies and explains the elements necessary to form a legally enforceable contract, selecting one or two of those elements for particular reflection beyond those I’ve provided in my hints (or that are in the textbook) and amplifying some of the issues that surround […]

Describes project management.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, Read Chapter 1 of the course textbook, Contemporary Project Management. Watch Michael Porter: Why Business Can Be Good at Solving Social Problems (Links to an external site.). Carefully review the Walmart Case Study (Links to an external site.). Read the Project Management Case Study—Logistics Service Improvement Project […]

Completeness of service interaction: Do the customer behaviors reasonably represent the interaction?

Assignment: Service Blueprint You are being asked to blueprint a specific service interaction. You may choose to blueprint any service that you deliver in your job, one that you have experienced lately, or one that you choose to experience this week. My advice is to think carefully about limiting the service so that you can […]

Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose.

This paper related to order#451535762 Have a brief introduction of each peer review using in PA2 and why need to use in PA2. Refer to the sample attached format attached. Prior to reading this DQ, please read the PA 2 assignment and understand what the assignment is asking you to complete. Once you have an […]

Which financial benchmark can Uber adopt

Overview You have analyzed the current financial records of your organization and evaluated whether the operational plan aligns with key performance indicators of the finance department. Now, your CEO wants you to present to senior management how your department (or any individual department) can contribute to the financial success of the organization. Prompt Analyze Uber’s […]

Discipline: Strategic Communication Planning

The company I chose is Apple, you can follow the sample called “case study” to write the analysis. Please follow the guidelines in the document called “guidelines”. I also attached a ppt slide that can help you get to know what a stakeholder analysis really is and its steps. Comments from Customer Discipline: Strategic Communication […]

Why did Fleur’s Flowers struggle?

1. Why did Fleur’s Flowers struggle? ● Too many orders ● Lack of communication with stakeholders ● Time sensitive-needed to plan time well /Scheduling ● Lacked a strategy for intl orders ● Unable to leverage new employees ● Quality management ● No processes 2. What were the specific PM solutions that were introduced by Chelsea […]

Who is the customer of this tool?

You work as a data analyst in the career center of your university. Along with your essential data analytics skill, you want to use your newly developed analytical skills in texting data mining. Being aware of this, your manager assigned you the task of creating a tool using text analytics to help students find jobs. […]

determine the drivers that correlate to the customer requirements and influence the design or process.

You are analyzing THE CLA1 IN ADDITIONAL MATERIALS AND finding ways to make improvements on the current process. 1.-You will analyze the value stream to identify ways to eliminate the gap between the current performance and the desired performance 2.-You will analyze the primary sources of variation that contribute to the gap in performance 3.-You […]

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