Pick 1 hotel offering and write a new process map for it.

You are now ready to present a process improvement to hotel management in the areas of focus (check-in, checkout, and hotel offerings). Individual Portion Complete the following: Using process mapping and reviewing the information here, present the new processes for check-in and checkout to management. Pick 1 hotel offering and write a new process map […]

manage the changes with the support of the directors of the other functional areas of the corporation.

You just have been appointed as a director of Human Resources of a top 500 Franchise Corporation ( https://www.entrepreneur.com/franchise500 ). Your boss, the CEO, has asked you to help the organization manage the necessary changes as a result of COVID19 and prepare it to welcome the future technological challenges that are expected to impact the […]

Estimate the probability of each sport getting media attention and use a Decision Tree to improve on the decision taken in the Decision Matrix

BACKGROUND A multinational clothing company is considering sponsoring an urban sport during the upcoming Paris Olympics. INSTRUCTIONS Use a SMART to help them decide which sport would be the best between Skateboarding, Sports Climbing and BMX Freestyle Estimate the return that the company might get from sponsoring these sports and use a Decision Matrix to […]

Analyze if the current supply range is optimal, and propose changes and/or improvements.

1. Critical evaluation of the current marketing/sales strategy. 2. Determine if manufactured components could be optimized, and, in such case, what actions would have to be taken, and what would be the resulting optimization. 3. Analyze if the current supply range is optimal, and propose changes and/or improvements. 4. Assess warehousing location and its appropriateness. […]

Consider their concept of Affordable Luxury. To what extent do Indian women identify with this concept?

Part 1 Apply WIIG’s Knowledge Matrix to Swarovski’s business in India by doing the following: Identify the message Swarovski transmits to Indian women through its website and social networks. Illustrate this with screenshots of the website. Research and summarise expert opinion on Swarovski in India. Illustrate with citations of opinions Analyse what Swarovski does to […]

Select an appropriate tool for workplace communication.

SCENARIO: On Monday morning, you arrive at work and discover you have an email from your manager, Sara, about a customer service issue. She is worried because one of the company’s most important clients did not receive their shipment. While she acknowledges it isn’t your fault, she needs you to work quickly to resolve the […]

Explain which leadership style you find to be the most effective: transactional, transformational, autocratic, democratic, liberal, or servant.

Unit I Essay Weight: 10% of course grade Grading Rubric Instructions In this unit, you were introduced to various leadership styles and some of the benefits and challenges of each. For the Unit I Essay, you will research this further and consider your own leadership style. Your essay will address the following: Explain which leadership […]

Describe specific ways effective leaders can hire key people to serve as prominent leaders and subordinates. Include your rationale.

Unit II PowerPoint Presentation Weight: 10% of course grade Grading Rubric Instructions You are the hiring manager within your organization, and you are tasked with the requirement to locate the best candidates to fill a few current openings. Your company is in need of individuals who can work effectively with a diverse population, who have […]

Briefly identify the opportunies and challenges facing organazations seeking to manage supply chains in the following regions: (a) North America, (b) Asia, and (c) European Union.

Using ONLY REAL WORLD examples and internet sources: In your own words, please address the following using the textbook as your primary source and REAL WORLD example companies from the internet such as Apple, Walmart, Amazon etc. I have added the EBOOK login below: Chapter 11 (350+ words): 3. Compare and contrast the SCOR model […]

How you plan to measure/quantify these goals/ideas/projects as accomplishments/success

Here are a few criteria to consider in your evaluation: Customer service Productivity, efficiency Teamwork and interpersonal skills Reliability, attendance, punctuality Creativity, innovation, resourcefulness Team service Cleanliness, sanitation Planning and organizational Skills Self development, self restraint Financial knowledge Product knowledge Follow through, task/project completion Physical plant (building, equipment, etc) Delegation skills Flexibility, adaptability Mood, attitude, […]

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