What are your reasons for picking this contract type?

Part 1- Project Risks – 1 paragraph Do all the project risks have to be closed? Or are the only risks that need to be closed the ones where a risk response was initiated? Which procurement risks, if any, can remain open? Would or should a project manager tie up a project for one remaining […]

Describe the specific areas that indicate a need for change.

SWOT Analysis Prior to completing this assignment, review your prior research on the company you selected for research in this Week’s Environmental Scanning interactive assignment. Also watch the video How to Perform a SWOT Analysis (2016). In approximately 250 words, Describe the company’s history, products, and major competitors by accessing the Mergent University of Arizona […]

procurement processes and its impact on project success.

This is a 30 page toward chapter 4 (PhD dissertation). The topic is on procurement processes and its impact on project success. The fields are specified to Public Sector + Non Construction Projects. Non construction projects are projects with physical building. Example can be health care projects, R&D (consultancy) projects, Design & Supervision Projects, IT […]

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