How can risks be mitigated in order to attract capital investors to a sports project?

Answer the following questions and provide at least 2 references for each answer. Question 1- Revenue streams for sport organizations can come from a variety of sources. For the purpose of this exercise, please select a professional sports team of your choice, or a major university athletic department, and discuss the different ways the organization […]

How much money will you take home every month after taxes and retirement?

You just graduated from college and accepted a job that pays $42,000 per year, which is $3,500 per month.  You will be living in a new town, so living with your parents is not an option.  You have a 15 year old car that runs fine, but it has 300,000 miles and you know at […]

What are the similarities and differences you observe between industries?

Using the site or other site with stock information, choose six firms: two each from three different industries. Gather the following information for each stock: 1) beta for each of these firms; and 2) the total return for the previous year for each firm. Also find the return on the S&P Index for the […]

create a business executive summary for the fictitious local hospital lab department?

Can you create a business executive summary for the fictitious local hospital lab department? I will furnish an excel sheet with all the data needed for the executive summary. Executive Summary – This is a one page summary of the entire project.  You are submitting a plan to an executive team, so include the facts […]

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