How will it help you with navigating the night sky?

Instructions • The student must follow the specific guidance of the prompt. • The student’s response must be between 200 and 300 words in total length. • The student must use proper grammar, spelling and syntax, but there is no specific “style” requirement (MLA, APA, etc.). • The student is only allowed one attempt. Edit […]

A visible light telescope is proposed for a suburban environment to study the light of variable stars.

For all proposals, give a ranking of NF, PF, or F. NF Not fundable — this grade is more about feasibility and whether the proposal has a fatal flaw (e.g., it asks to build a telescope in a location where that form of light will not be visible) PF Potentially fundable — the proposal does […]

What bones do you think we’re most affected

During the early years of space exploration, it was shown that astronauts returned back to earth suffering from bone loss depending on their duration in space. How could this happen? What bones do you think we’re most affected, and what could be done to solve this problem? Please use your own thoughts at least 200 […]

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