What might your goal be in this study?

You have been awarded a grant for $100, 000 to conduct research among the Tingunee of the lower Quebin river valley. The Tingunee have never been visited by other peoples nor is anything known about their culture. What might your goal be in this study? Formulate a general research design to study the culture of […]

Why is this concept significant to the ethnographic interview process?

I NSTRUCTIONS Please see attached document, for whatever reason this is not allowing me to copy and paste the instructions. The concepts listed below will enable you to start thinking about the process and usefulness of the ethnographic interview. Use the Howell and Paris textbook and Dr. Harper’s Worldview presentation to answer the questions listed […]

What is the “economy of shame”?

Lamia Karim, Microfinance and its discontents: Women in debt in Bangladesh. University of Minnesota Press, 2011. instructions: MICROFINANCE AND ITS DISCONTENTS: Discuss any one of the following questions and be sure to give examples. 1. What is the “economy of shame”? 2. Why does Karim call NGOs a “shadow state”? LOST IN TRANSITION: Ghodsee proposes […]

construct a 250-word essay describing how anthropology will have an impact on your future academic and personal life.

PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW- Review your Assignment Two (Anthropology and You) from the Unit One. With much more knowledge of anthropology, construct a 250-word essay describing how anthropology will have an impact on your future academic and personal life. Give at least one example from each field to support your argument. Also, think of […]

How might that model countered through a pedagogy of empowerment?

Prompt: For well over 20 years, scholars have researched disparities in educational institutions. Present a compelling post on the following questions, and respond to at least two of your group members’ posts: 1) What evidence supports that students’ experience of educational inequity (of any kind – economic, racial/ethnic, gendered, abled, healthy/unhealthy, etc.) is not coincidental? […]

. A brief description of the subject of your photo and your reason for choosing it.”

“Photo Challenge: Using your smart phone or camera, take a picture of something in your home or out in the community that you believe represents the word “culture”. If you do not have access to a device that takes photos, find a photo online or provide a written description of your chosen “photo subject”. Provide […]

After you have read all three articles, why do you think I assigned these three articles together?

discussion 1 For this week, the discussion board will focus on three of the assigned articles: “Eating Christmas in the Kalahari”, by Richard Lee (article 1.2 in the Annual Editions Book and uploaded to Canvas) (Lee- Eating Christmas in the Kalahari Download Lee- Eating Christmas in the Kalahari), “Shakespeare in the Bush” by Laura Bohannon […]

discuss any aspect of Hmong family life or rituals from the documentary, Split Horn.

In a substantive 2-3 double spaced pages long essay, discuss any aspect of Hmong family life or rituals from the documentary, Split Horn. GRADING CRITERIA ” 1. Writing Style: This includes the way that the essay is written. All assignments should have an introduction, a body of the essay in which you make 3-4 points, […]

What values or ideologies drive and reinforce the “cycle” of mass incarceration or detention?

Background: In this module, you learned about incarceration or, as some would call it, the ‘Carceral States of America’. Many of the effects and causes of these systems overlap. For this discussion, you may utilize material relating to any systems of confinement, but the example offered in your prompt is specifically related to criminal incarceration. […]

Are there multiple examples of art projects that can be used to benefit the organization?

Please select a research paper from one of your peers. You will review the paper by replying to their post here. Try to pick a paper that no one else has yet reviewed but it is okay if there ends up being duplicate reviews. This review will be visible with the author of the paper […]

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