you developed a research problem statement based on a topic of interest to you o

you developed a research problem statement based on a topic of interest to you or your specific area of practice. Using this research problem statement, you will develop a research question. “A research question is a concise, interrogative statement that is worded in the present tense and includes one or more of a study’s principal concepts or variables” (Gray & Grove, 2020). These questions typically point to the type of study that will be conducted and serves as a guide for the research.
For this Discussion, reflect on your research problem statement. Consider the independent and dependent variables of your research problem through the construction of a research question. Reflect on the potential levels of measurement for your variables and the rationale for the labels, as well as consider the advantages and challenges that you might experience in the statistical analysis of your proposed variables.
• Consider the levels of measurement for your variables: nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio.
• After reviewing your research question and considering the levels of measurement, analyze your classification for each variable. What was behind your reasoning for labeling the variables? How might the data be analyzed based on these labels?
• Consider advantages and challenges that you might encounter in the statistical analysis of your proposed variables.
Post your research question and describe the independent and dependent variables. Then, identify the level of measurement of both your independent and dependent variables. Provide a brief rationale for your classification of each variable. Be specific. Explain considerations of analyzing data related to each variable based on its level of measurement. Be sure to include any advantages or challenges that you might encounter in your statistical analysis of each variable and explain why.
****I would state it this way based on your stated hypothesis
Problem statement. While there is evidence that re admission rates among Hispanic individuals over the age of 65 are higher than their non Hispanic counterparts, there is a lack of understanding as to why this is true.
Dependent: Readmission rates among Hispanics over the age of 65
Independent: Timely followup care after discharge
Note: you may want to look at the demographics to see if a relationship does exist between any of those and readmission rates or you can CONTROL for them by making sure your participants are in the same age range, same gender etc.

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