How does the topic of the article connect to intercultural dynamics?

Find a news article related to intercultural dynamics of school, self, or society. You may use an article either from the newspaper or online from a newspaper source, educational journal/magazine. (, USA Today, US News, Education Week, ASCD, Pew Research Center, The New York Times, Brookings Institute, or any other reputable national or local source). Do not use articles on Entertainment/Gossip, Sports, or Wikipedia. This is a current events assignment and you should choose an article that is relatively current. With the current state of our nation it should not be difficult to find an appropriate, unbiased article. With cultural values an article may still be relevant for several months, however, make the article as current as possible. Make sure the article aligns with the concepts and topics learned in this class; past, present, or future. If you have questions about the validity and relevance of an article, please email me the article and I will give the okay. Read the article.
Write a brief summary of the article not to exceed one page.
Your name, date, and title of the assignment.
The title and author of the article (include this in your introduction).
Who the article is about.
What is the article about? Include at least five critical facts from the article.
When did this story take place?
Where is this event or issue occurring? Be specific; state, city, county, country, region, etc.
Why is this story considered important enough to be written in a published article? Include your personal opinion.
Connect the article. How does the topic of the article connect to intercultural dynamics?
You MUST attach a copy of the article to the assignment either in paper or web link format.
Your summary should be in the form of an essay. Ideas should be organized in paragraphs.

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