How does each use their work to criticize native american stereotypes?

Section 1. Comparisons
Choose two different sets of artworks from the second six weeks of class (anything since exam 1 – four artworks total) and write a comparison of each pair. The works that you choose to discuss can come from any time period and any geographical region. They may be from any textbook chapter or article that you have read (assigned for this class). Write a one-page double-spaced comparison of each pair (that means two separate essays, each essay comparing two artworks). You will be graded on a) the inventiveness, ingenuity, and creativity of the pairs you choose, b) the accuracy of the information you provide, and c) grammar, spelling, organization and thoughtfulness of your essays. Section 2. Essay
Answer two of the following questions, each in a separate essay of approximately one double-spaced pages (two pages total, two separate 1-page essays). Your essays should thoughtful, well written, and organized, and they should refer directly to issues and concepts covered in course readings. The best answers will discuss, whenever possible, a range of artists and ideas. Number your essays according to which question you are answering. Why are the terms “traditional” and “modern” problematic in a study of Native American art today? Use at least two artworks, artists, or institutions to support your answer.
Compare and contrast two ways that Native artists in the 20th or 21st century maintain a connection to their Indian heritage while still working in a modern or abstract style.
Compare and contrast the ways in which two Native artists utilize or respond to the land or landscape in their art. How does their approach differ from a traditional Western approach to the landscape?
Compare the art of James Luna to that of Jimmie Durham. How does each utilize satire or humor in their art? How does each use their work to criticize Native American stereotypes?

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