What impact did these cases have on the general public or the art world?

The two pieces I am comparing:
John Cleland’s “Memoir of a Woman of Pleasure”
Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”
Questions to Answer:
In what ways are the works similar/dissimilar?
How did different contexts influence reception of the art in question?
What impact did these cases have on the general public or the art world?
What was the cultural background underlying or contributing to the controversies?
Please Cite ALL sources used
Examine impact of audience and place, public and private, on art controversies.
Discuss similarities and differences in ethical issues in the arts throughout U.S. history.
Paper Specifications:
Digital file in PDF format.
Minimum of 1000 words of original text (about 4 pages)
Double spaced, 12pt font size, with 1 inch margins
Arial or New Times Roman font
Appropriately referenced with citations of your sources

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