How difficult is it for an artist to obtain you?

Imagine yourself as a material used for creating artwork. See the future of all,materials but the artistic definition of them. You have several to choose from. How are you made? What are your inherent capabilities and limitations? Where do you come from? Are you expensive? How difficult is it for an artist to obtain you? How does he obtain you? How difficult is it for artists to use you? Have they achieved varying results from you? Were you chosen by the artist or were you requested? Which century were you used? Feel free to include any other information. ** Include an image which uses your medium not an image of your medium** copy and paste the image into your essay. This is not considered part of the body of the essay.
Required Sources: Two scholarly resources from sources. You may also use the library databases or hardbound books. Be sure that your sources are academic. Do not use Wikipedia. Do not just google websites, “Amy’s blog on oil painting” for example. A Works Cited page must be included to document the parenthetical references used in the body of your essay. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of 15 points. The Works Cited page and the image are not considered part of the body of your essay and are not included in the 2 page requirement.

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