Describe your emotional response to the work of art:

Attached is some questions to help with the PowerPoint . The sculpture I want is Akhenaten and His Family
Choose one sculpture or installation from Chapters 14-23 in the book to evaluate and analyze according to the following: (1) visual literacy, (2) structural components, and (3) psychological qualities that have been covered in the modules so far. You are responsible for applying as many of the terms as possible while analyzing and evaluating their work of art.
1. At least 10 slides in your Powerpoint (please use .ppt for your file)
2. State the name, title, date, and media of your piece. Include an image of it.
3. Include a works cited page with at least three citations. One may be your book. (NO WIKIPEDIA! or Brittanica or Wikiart – see syllabus))
4. Include at least one page that is a brief biography of your artist.
5. Answer the questions listed below under “The Assignment”.
The Assignment
Use the follow three series of questions to guide your analysis:
Visual Literacy.
Structural Components. Discuss the use of lines, shapes, color, and emphasis in the work of art you chose.
Psychological Qualities. Describe your emotional response to the work of art:

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