What kind of messaging does the font style communicate?

You work for a marketing organization that has taken on a new client. The new client is a holding company for numerous chain restaurant brands. This client has recently decided to consolidate three of its similar existing offerings into one brand to create efficiencies. It wants to take the things that three restaurants do best and combine them into one brand.
The client wants to apply the same approach to its visual communications for the brand. Your task is to distinguish the most effective visual elements of the existing restaurants’ logo graphics and suggest how they might be able to be remixed into a new logo.
Remember, this is NOT about which restaurants you like best. This is about dissecting the logo graphics for the restaurants based on what you learned in this module.
1. Choose three (3) chain restaurant logos from the United States and download their logos from the web.
The restaurants must be the same type of cuisine (e.g., American, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, etc.).
The restaurants may be regional or national chains.
Download the logo graphics.
2. Insert the three (3) restaurant logo graphics into a Microsoft Word document.
3. Compare and contrast these logos addressing the following:
Logo symbols/symbolism
Depending on your chosen restaurants, you may need to briefly research their history to understand the symbolism in their logos.
Logo color scheme
You may need to consider the competition to understand why a certain restaurant uses certain colors.
Logo font style
What kind of messaging does the font style communicate? How can you tell?
Your final report should be 2–3 pages in length and follow proper APA writing guidelines. It must include research from three (3) or more sources with proper APA formatting for reference and in-text citations.
Submit a Microsoft Word document.
NOTE – Be sure the documents display proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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