However, do not exceed 4 unless you have a very good reason.

Please use carnival cruise as a segment markets
The exercise will give you hands-on experience in segmenting markets and developing message strategies for different market segments in categories somewhat unfamiliar to you. The activity will reinforce how marketing messages must be tailored to meet the unique needs and characteristics of distinct market segments. Through this activity, you will gain experience in thoroughly understanding your target consumer. For this assignment, you have to choose another brand (that you are unfamiliar with) as your context.
Here are three subsections of this assignment:
A) Create as many market segments as you think there would be users in your category in this
unfamiliar brand/product category and give each segment a name (preferable a creative name!).
However, do not exceed 4 unless you have a very good reason. Make sure they involve a combination of
demographic and lifestyle factors. For example, with basketball, you might divide the market into the
Serious Street Player, the Aging Former College Athlete, the Young Wannabe, and the Weekend Hip. (If
you use a sports-related product category, you may not use these market segments).
2) Briefly define each market segment. Who is this person demographically? psychographically?
geographically? Who is this person from a benefit or behavioral segmentation standpoint?
3) Now create a separate selling message for each market segment: same product, but a different selling premise. For instance, in selling athletic gear to the Young Wannabe, you might argue that the gear will help her or him rise to new heights. Or for the Aging Former College Athlete, your major selling idea might be that your gear will help the person restore the edge he or she has lost. For the Weekend Hip, maybe your best argument will focus on fashion. Perhaps you tell the Hip, “Hey, let’s face it, looking good
is what is most important and our gear will make you look great.”
You will present your target market profiles and message strategies to the class.
PPT slides. 10 slides max. Please upload the slides under the correct folder in Activities. Please
make sure you have a COVER PAGE with full names and Assignment topic.

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