How does this article describe the leader’s impact on organizations?

This HBR Position Paper addresses the article, What Leaders Need to Know About Organizational Culture? by D. D. Warrick
Guidelines on Writing HBR Position Papers MGT 141 Organizational Leadership
Guidelines and Strategies:
The student’s written Position Paper is designed to invite the student to provide an in- depth written examination of one of the HBR assigned article.
Headings in Paper:
This written essay is a response to the following questions. Students must create headings for each section
1. What are the major themes found in the article? How do the authors make and support their argument?
a. Heading: Major Themes
2. What are the unique characteristics of this leader or group of leaders that are advanced in the article?
a. Heading: Leadership Characteristics
3. How does this article describe the leader’s impact on organizations? a. Heading: Organizational Impact
4. What is the student’s response to the findings, results, or actionable outcomes of the article?
a. Heading: Student Opinion and Position
5. How does the HRB reading connect to the reading from the Kouzes and Posner text?
a. Heading: Kouzes and Posner
6. How will the student integrate or apply those aspects of the article with
their understanding and practice of leadership in organizations?
a. Heading: Application and Integration Structure and Style:

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