Define what social capital is and the ways in which it can be enhanced or lost.

Theory teaches us why people might do the things they do and behave the way they behave. In the Rational Choice theory, it is understood that a juvenile is aware of the decision to commit a crime and has free will when violating the law (Bartollas; Schmalleger, 2018). The decision to participate in a delinquent act can be based on incomplete information even though the decision may appear to be sensible in the moment. In this assignment consider the application of social capital in its loss or gain to such behaviors. The sociobiological theory can be separated into social and biological. Social influences are evident in the impact from environmental factors such as people , places, and experiences. Biological factors are inherited influences at birth. The elemental argument of nature vs, nurture can be compared to inherited or learned behaviors. Sociobiological theory combines both of these and asks us to consider if juvenile behavior is based on the combination of influencing factors (p. 48).
To answer the following questions consider the explanations of the theories provided:
Define how the sociobiological theory of learned versus inherited behavior may affect a juvenile’s decision to commit a crime.
Define what social capital is and the ways in which it can be enhanced or lost.
How does rational choice theory equate to juvenile knowledge of consequences?
How does the understanding of these theories aid in providing restorative justice options for juveniles.

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