Are supplements an equitable source of these nutrients as well?

The use of plants and herbs for medicinal purposes has been the standard for many modern pharmaceutical products. The Chinese can trace the use of herbal medicines to 2800 BC. Hippocrates (460-377 BC) and Aristotle (384-322 BC) introduced plant and herbal medicines to Europe. Current interest in alternative forms of medicine and medicinal treatments, has led to increased research in the discovery of phytochemicals – the non-nutritive chemicals in our foods. These phytochemicals may have protective or disease preventive properties. Sales of dietary supplements reached over $4 billion during the 1990’s (Kay, Herbal Supplements). Although sales may have leveled off, consumers still purchase these over-the-counter, unregulated supplements to treat conditions such as memory, arthritis, insomnia, immune system issues and more. It is known that whole fruits and vegetables are beneficial for health largely due to vitamin and mineral properties. Are supplements an equitable source of these nutrients as well?
IMPORTANT NOTES from Instructor on Completing Lab Report
After watching the lab video and Powerpoint, complete this LAB REPORT Phytochemcials FON 241LL.docxDownload LAB REPORT Phytochemcials FON 241LL.docx
Remember to utilize what you learned from Module 2 and Writing a Lab ReportLinks to an external site. while completing this assignment.
The Lab experiment has been conducted and is shown in the video. In the report form, you will record the information conveyed to you in the video if you do not have the necessary supplies to complete your own experiment. Then, you will complete the lab report portion. Be sure to answer the post questions at the end of the Lab Report. The resources which you need to do this are found in Modules: Video, PowerPoint, and Reading.
This is the first actual ab report. Do your best. Stick with it. I will be looking at each student’s lab report and will give some feedback to the entire class to help everyone improve on the next 5 lab reports. So for this first one, just read and watch the resources provided carefully and give it your best attempt.™/news-articles/2017/10/preparing-for-dietary-supplement-label-changes-under-the-final-rule-for-nutrition-and-supplements-fa?fbclid=IwAR0lnpt4Hd3k1ajfP0ej36Ssf27CgMKHtjZ59AAWb18aUBEiEbx5Sn0Ta5Q

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