What makes it good for IPV/DV/FV trauma survivors? What kind of trauma is it particularly good for?

A deep dive introduction to a clinical/treatment approach to work with a survivor/victim of the traumas (DV/IPV) we are studying across the semester.
You will cover very briefly, the history of this approach, who introduced this approach and if it builds on any other preceding treatment approaches.
The particulars of this approach – individual/group/dyadic/community/verbal/non-verbal, etc.
**Note**:: Please factor in at least one example to demonstrate how the modality is used
What makes it good for IPV/DV/FV trauma survivors? What kind of trauma is it particularly good for?
What kind of training does a clinician/service provider need to get if any to deliver this treatment modality?
What are the pros and cons of this approach?
Who can access this modality? What access barriers does your research reveal for a client/victim to receive this treatment approach? Think intersectionally, please.
You will prepare a fact sheet of each presentation. The goal is that we will collect all your fact sheets as a shareable resource guide that you can all use in the future. You must fact-check your fact sheet. All your information should be something you or your colleague can reference; so you will need to add hyperlinks, citations or footnotes as appropriate.

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