What does a quantitative study using secondary data resources entail

Complete the week 5 activity using SPSS (or JASP or any other statistical tool you are trained in) and submit by end of class.
What does a quantitative study using secondary data resources entail? By the end of this activity, you will have a better understanding of and experience the basic processes that a quantitative study using secondary data entails. You will perform descriptive statistics using real data in this activity.
1) Download a 2016 GSS data dataset accessible using SPSS (.sav file).
2) Choose two variables of your interest from the dataset.
3) Produce a frequency table for each of your variables.
4) Produce one cross-tab of the two variables.
5) Compose a word document with the name of the two variables, the label for the variables, a frequency table for variable one, a frequency table for variable two, and a cross-tab of the two variables. For the tables that you produce, you may screenshot the image, export the output, or copy and paste the table to your document. Describe what each of the tables is displaying. Describe what the cross-tab is displaying.
7) Submit the document.
Here is the GSS website for downloading the data:
https://gss.norc.org/ (Links to an external site.)
Here is the page containing data accessible through SPSS:
https:// (Links to an external site.)gss.norc.org/get-the-data/spss (Links to an external site.)
A good alternative to a codebook for completing this activity is using the GSS Data Explorer:
https://gssdataexplorer.norc.org (Links to an external site.)/
A codebook is a document that includes the names of all the variables, explains what the variables measure, and how they were coded.

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