What are the main beliefs of each religion?

1. Take the quiz “Spiritual Belief System Selector” http://www.selectsmart.com/RELIGION/
Check your results. What were your top three results?
2. You will be looking at the top three religions from the quiz, comparing and contrasting them to each other. Be sure to use trusted sources (NOT Wikipedia!). You will need 2-4 sources for each religion. Your text is a trusted source.
3. In your midterm paper, respond to the following questions:
What are the main beliefs of each religion? (i.e.: Trinity, sin, saints, karma, etc.)
What is their sacred writings/scriipture? (Bible? Torah? etc.)
When/Where/How do they worship?
Who is their worship leader?
What is their view on life after death? (heaven/hell, reincarnation, etc.)
What is their position on ‘hot topics’ such as divorce or homosexuality or abortion?
What role do women play in this religion?
How does one join this religion?
The midterm paper should be 4-5 pages in length, and should include:
A summary of your results from the quiz
A comparison of the three religions based on the questions above.
Cited references to our text and other reliable sources
Formatting includes 4-5 pages double spaced using either Arial or New Times Roman 12point

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