Identify the key stakeholders.

You will now dig more deeply into the case study information to create a project charter.
I. Discuss the project purpose and background. Here you will provide the organization’s justification for taking on the project.
II. Identify the project’s goals, objectives, and expectations. Be sure that your goals are measurable.
III. Discuss the end product or service to be supplied. Here you will discuss the scope of the end product or service and the business need that the project
will address.
IV. Identify milestones/estimated deliverables. Note the relationship between the project deliverables and the project objectives. The deliverables should
meet the objectives.
V. Discuss the success criteria. How will “success” be measured?
VI. Identify the high-level risks. How do the risks potentially impact the project?
VII. Identify the key stakeholders. What is the role of each stakeholder in the project?
VIII. Identify any assumptions, restrictions, and external dependencies. What are the assumptions on which decisions are being made?
IX. Identify any customer responsibilities. Will the customer be doing any tasks or contributing any resources to the project?
X. Complete a project category table allowing a high-level view of the project.
XI. Specify a high-level budget.

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