How did you utilize principles of design to add to the aesthetics of the structure

General Assignment Instructions This assignment involves creating an original physical art project that will be photographed and submitted onto Canvas. The image of the work must be embedded into the Word document with the written response for the assignment. Answer the following prompts in an MLA formatted Word document in a minimum of 300 words. Do not recopy the questions into your document. A complete assignment applies the lessons of the unit to the assignment. Architectural Design Project Assignment Instructions In Part One of this project, students will be designing a building. Architects are trained and licensed professionals who design buildings and play a role in the construction of those structures. Architects design structures with the purpose, style, and function of the building in mind. Students will act as an architect and design an original building, then describe how they will make the structure strong and aesthetically pleasing. Students must select one of the following structures to design: residence place of worship commercial building governmental building Students must choose to create one of the following schematic designs to produce (students can find examples in the course materials): Elevation drawing Cross-section drawing Three-dimensional model of the exterior While designing the structure, students are required to use at least two building materials, two architectural elements, and two architectural principles from the following list. Architectural building materials: stone, concrete, wood, steel, glass, iron, brick, carbon fiber, plastic. Architectural elements: post and lintel, rounded arch, pointed arch, gable, buttressing, flying buttress, arcade, tunnel/barrel vault, groin vault, ribbed vault, dome, pendentives, cantilever, columns. Architectural principles: evidence of repetition, use of line, use of balance, use of scale, use of variety, use of texture. Create your physical project and label the completed design with each of the two materials, elements, and principles utilized. Your original architectural design may be created in one of the following ways. You may utilize any computer animation/drawing/drafting programs that you feel comfortable creating in. The free Microsoft 360 package includes Paint and Whiteboard, which could be useful tools for this project. Minecraft, Roblox, or other videogame design software may be used to design your structure. *Take still photos of the finished design to label appropriately. You may also create a three-dimensional model of your architectural design. You must label the fundamentals on the physical model or the photo or the model. You may also hand draw and color your structure with any materials found in your home. In Part Two of this project, students will be writing a response about their architectural design. In your written response, address the following: Why did you choose to utilize the materials and elements in the structure in the way you did? How do these add to the strength of the structure? How did you utilize principles of design to add to the aesthetics of the structure? How did your project end up? Do you think your project represents your own individual style? Why or why not?

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