Does practicing with a weighted bat increase Bat Velocity?

You have been given a data set from a baseball study. The data set has information about the participants Bat Velocity (BV); Total Velocity (TV); Body Mass (BM); Grip Strength (D) dominant and (ND) Non-dominant; 1 Rep Max Bench Press (1RM BP) and 1 Rep Max Squat (1RM PS) for two groups of participants. Group 1 is the control group and Group 2 is the experimental group. Both groups practiced batting a baseball three times a week for eight weeks, Group 1 used a traditional aluminum bat for all swings, Group 2 used a weighted bat for all swings.
For your analysis, you may need to rearrange the data in excel to be able to perform the necessary test. Be reminded that for ANOVA the data must be arranged so that the levels of IV are in columns or rows.
For each question, there may be several different wants to analyze the data to come up with an answer. Think about each question and determine how you would analyze the data. For your answer sheet be sure to explain exactly what you did and what you found. You must show your analysis (output).
SHOW ALL WORK, you must provide a copy of your datasheet with analysis performed and be sure that you answer the question posed. So I must be able to see what analysis you did to answer each question and what the answer will be.
The coach gives you this data set and asked if you can answer the following questions.
Is there a difference between dominant and non-dominant grip strength.
Does practicing with a weighted bat increase Bat Velocity?
Is there a difference between group 1 and group 2 for pre- and post-test for bat velocity?
Is there a difference between pre- and post-test for the 1 rep max bench press? Or 1 rep mas squat?
Make up a question I did not ask, write out the question and analyze the data.

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