How would you introduce yourself to Jamie and his foster parents? What would you say?

Jamie, age 17 is an at-risk young male, currently living in foster care. His foster parents are John and Jane Moran. The Morans worry about what Jamie will do after high school graduation, as he has lived in over 10 foster homes, in the past 5 years. Jamie would like to attend a university, attain a degree in Accounting and become a CPA. He has never really had access to the resources he needs, although his GPA is a 4.0. Jamie has no idea which universities have the best Accounting programs, so he has not taken the ACT or applied to any colleges/universities. Jamie will graduate next fall. Jamie is very smart when he applies himself but he is sometimes easily influenced by his peers, and this has gotten him in trouble in the past. Jamie is currently on juvenile probation for an incident which occurred several months ago-Jamie and a few other kids from school broke into a business and multiple items were stolen. Jamie was also charged with possession of marijuana at the time of his arrest. Jamie has very limited contact with his biological family and has siblings that he is separated from and misses dearly. Jamie’s biological Father is in prison and his Mother struggles with addiction to meth. Parental rights have been terminated for both of Jamie’s parents. Jamie does sometimes struggle with anxiety and has seen counselors in the past but services have never been consistent. Jamie is not currently taking any medications.
You are the case worker meeting with Jamie and his foster parents to assess, plan goals, as well as provide pertinent resources, for this young man.
After reading the above case study, explain the following in APA format:
1) How would you introduce yourself to Jamie and his foster parents? What would you say?
2) How would you work to build rapport with Jamie and his foster parents? What activities would you provide, if any?
3) How might you collaborate with Jamie to gain a better understanding of the situation and environment?
4) How will you assess and explore the situation?
5) What do you think are some of Jamie’s strengths and how might you help Jamie in building upon these strengths?
6) Explain how empowerment is crucial in this case and the steps you might take in empowering Jamie and his foster parents.
7) What resources do you think Jamie would benefit from?
8) What goals do you think are appropriate for Jamie? What challenges might Jamie face in meeting treatment goals?
Use APA formatting and content, as well as 3-5 appropriate references. Only .gov, .edu, or .org will be acceptable, NO .com.
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