Identify and discuss the current level of liabilities and equity that the company has

The course specifically is Financial Analysis & Decision Making. Please ensure you’re quite adept with this course.
For the Ineos Industries Limited organisation, download its annual accounts (Balance Sheet, Income Statement), and discuss:
a. Identify and discuss the current level of liabilities and equity that the company has (25 marks).
b. Discuss the ownership type of the company and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of ownership (25 marks).
c. Calculate one ratio of your choice for each of the following ratio categories (50 marks) and critically discuss what does the result mean for the business:
i. Profitability
ii. Efficiency
iii. Liquidity
iv. Financial Gearing
v. Investor Ratios
Please use the most recent year / information from the attached documents.
In the beginning of the report a short introduction should be included please. Explain the company and the industry it belongs to, briefly. Try to keep it relatively short- max 150 words.
Read carefully the assignment criteria
• Good use of spelling, grammar and language throughout.
• Logical progression and structure of arguments.
• Evidence of a range of relevant supporting reading.
• Use of accurate, evidence-based informaton to support the arguments made.
• Follow normal Academic Regulations in terms of Academic Offences, style and language.
• Use of the appropriate system of referencing and may include a bibliography that lists all
resources referenced. Harvard referencing please.
If you need any other documents from this particular Ineos Industries Limited organisation please let me know. I’ve also included the grading rubric. Please follow it and aim to do your best. Thank you.

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