Did the news report include interviews from scientists?

Identify, review, and critique a current media report on nutrition news. This should be a media report shared in a popular press venue such as a newspaper, television station, internet or other media outlet in the last 6 months.
Items to think about for inclusion analysis:
1. Did the news report include interviews from scientists? What were the credentials of those interviewed? Were these sources credible, appropriate, biased?
2. Was evidence from peer-reviewed sources included or referenced?
3. Were the results of the science over-simplified or over-generalized?
4. Were the results of the science over exaggerated?
5. Was enough context provided in order for readers to correctly interpret the information provided? Could readers “take action” after reading this news report?
6. If data was presented, was it interpreted correctly? Was information quantified? Was information about dose provided?
7. Was the headline sensationalized to draw readers to the story? Words such as cure, cause, breakthrough are often used to sensationalize findings.
8. Compare this news outlet story with at least 2 peer-reviewed journals. These can be journals that support or refute your chosen news story.

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