Please include one weekend day!

Individual MyPlate Instructions
Each of the 5 sections is worth 20 points
1) 5-Day Food Journal:
Document what you have eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks over 5 days, food quantities are required (1 cup of milk, 1 cup of strawberries). Please include one weekend day!
You can use excel or microsoft word, or download the app Cronometer (or similar) to help log your food.
OR, use this calculator, food labels, and other online calculators to help you. to an external site.
Include your food diary in your final word document (take pictures of your diary on cronometer to include in the final document).
2) Calculate your BMI: to an external site.
Discuss if you feel your BMI is a good measure for you. Just 1-2 sentences.
For example, say your BMI is a 28, which is considered “overweight,” but you are taller than average, muscular and physically fit, then your BMI is not really reflecting your health and physical fitness level.
3) Go to My Plate Plan to an external site. and fill out necessary info.
Click on the box that says your recommended calories. Mine is 2000 calories.
Your personalized MyPlate Plan will come up for you. It will have one box with recommended calories in it, unless for example you are pregnant, or weight gain/loss is suggested.
Take a screenshot of your recommendation, and include in what you hand in to me.
4) After you fill out your My Plate Plan, an option will come up to view as PDF, please select this.
Look at your 5-day food diary and compare with what is recommended for you.
Are you doing a good job, or perhaps eating too many/too few calories and not enough of a certain food group?
Please elaborate on how you can improve.
5) Fill out 1-Day Sample MyPlate
Now that you know what’s recommended for you from MyPlate, try to keep to these requirements for one day
Use the blank blank food diary page found at the end of MyPlate’s dietary analysis for you.
How did you do? Could you keep to MyPlates recommendations? Let me know (Check Yes or No)
Use actual names and serving sizes of food. For example, I ate 1 cup of lettuce.
Turn this paper in with your final report.
Images of each of these components will be reviewed during class and should be included in the document you upload, and are posted in the attached document My Plate Instructions.

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