Report must include:

Your written
report must include:
First paragraph: Explain how you are currently doing with eating a healthy diet (what do you eat
regularly). Is your diet balanced with all the proper percentages of nutrients (give examples)?
Based on the analysis, are you getting enough nutrients? Are you getting too much of something?
Are you getting too little of something? List all the vitamins and minerals that you were low in.
Second paragraph: Name a vitamin and or mineral that your analysis says you are lowest in or
lacking (below 100%). Use a good resource and cite it. I do not want your opinion. Use,, or another reputable website and explain the importance of this
vitamin or mineral in the body. Please make sure you understand what you have written and could
explain it. This should be informative and more than one sentence. Next, name three food items
that you should be eating to ensure that you are adding the vitamin or mineral into your diet. Refer
to foods that you will actually eat.
Third paragraph: Name a vitamin and or mineral that your analysis says you are highest in (over
100%). Include everything as in paragraph 2. What is the “source”? Go back to your Intake
Spreadsheet to discover the source. Can you find something else to eat? Can you eliminate this
from your food intake? Would you be willing to eat less of this item?
Last paragraph: Share your overall thoughts. Are you going to try to lose weight or do you need
to gain weight? Do you know where the calories will come from that you are trying to cut out to
lose weight? For example, I eat too much ice cream etc. Are you going to stop eating fast food?
Are you going to try to cut out foods that have no nutritional value? How has this information
changed the way you look at food or eating in the fact that you are eating to give yourself nutrition
or to fill your belly?
Upload the two documents (Cronometer 3-day Trend Report and the reflection paper) in

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