They represent 1) jewish, 2) muslim, 3) african, 4)chinese, 5)native americans, 6) indian, and 7) iranian cultural groups as well as our american and african american clients.

Hi, this is Miss Wheeler over at Meals on Wheels. Here in New Town, we have a very diverse group of people for whom we provide meals every day. They represent 1) Jewish, 2) Muslim, 3) African, 4)Chinese, 5)Native Americans, 6) Indian, and 7) Iranian cultural groups as well as our American and African American clients.
We need some help in figuring out how to plan meals for so many different cultural groups. Could you help us? Since we depend heavily on the food pantry for supplies that our volunteers prepare, we need to figure out how to use many of our common supplies but still meet the diverse needs. If we need to supplement that supply please let us know exactly what is important so we can ask for donations or for funds to purchase the items. If you could come up with ONE WEEK EVENING MEAL ONLY that meets the needs of our different cultural groups (may need to be multiple menus), it would be great.

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