State any additional

Please make sure that your Essay responses are typed. The essay should be no longer than 2
pages double-spaced with a cover page included. A work cited page must be included citing the
sources you used. If you are unsure how to cite in APA or MLA, I would recommend consulting
with a librarian that can assist you. There are also useful videos on citing available via YouTube.
Instructions: Please use Times New Roman or Arial Black 12-point font size. Make sure it is
double-spaced and that you have answered all the questions.
Argue Your Case
1. A friend claims that a metric ton is more than twice the mass of an English ton because a
kilogram is more than twice the mass of a pound. Make a quantitative argument in support of or
against your friend’s claim. (1 page)
2. Upgraded U.S. fuel economy standards formalized in 2012 call for a 54.5 mile-per-galloon
average for new cars and light trucks in 2025. A politician opposing this increase claims it will
save “only a drop in the bucket” compared with the 2014 fleet average of about 23 mpg.
Formulate a counterargument showing that the increase – once the entire fleet reaches 54.5 mpg
– consumption rate from its 2014 value of about 375 million gallons per day. State any additional
assumptions you make.

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