Your blog post, which you will submit as a word document should:

Instructions For this assignment, you are asked to imagine yourself as a dietitian in a nutritional practice. As a dietitian, you are to write a blog post to share with the patients you serve. The subject of the blog post should be “How obesity has been linked to diabetes”. Address the following in your Blog:
Scientific evidence linking obesity to diabetes translated into language a layperson can understand. (Include at least one external source to support this evidence. Why the link between obesity and diabetes should matter to your patients.
Share at least two ways your patients can modify their diet to either avoid or manage this chronic disease. Your blog post, which you will submit as a word document should:
Be visually appealing Include images and/or videos images should be inserted directly into the document videos can be shared with a link Include references for all included pictures and videos Include at least two (2) external references to support your written text
All citations should be in APA format include in text citation

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